Mother’s Day Barbecue


For Mother’s Day, My wife and I brought lunch over to my mom’s house.  My mom loves bbq, but hates making it, so many years ago she handed the bbq tongs over to me.  That’s cool because I love smoking barbecue.  While I do own a smoker, for small jobs (here a brisket and a pork butt) it’s overkill.  Here I used a variation of the old “Texas Crutch” technique.  I started the smoking on my weber kettle to add smoke and to get some color on the meat.  I then wrapped the meat in foil and put it in a 225 degree oven overnight.

Brisket and Pulled Pork


1 whole  5-6 lb brisket flat (if you can get the point, more power to you, if you do get the point trim some fat off, if using the flat keep the fat)
1 4-5lb boston butt roast
bbq spice rub (use your favorite, I believe i have a recipe in an old blog post)


Soak wood chips (use your favorite, I like mesquite and cherry wood) and wrap in foil.  Poke holes in foil pack.  Rub meat with spice rub. Light charcoal until grey and place coals on one side of grill.  Place foil packet over hot coals and place grill grate.  Place meat on cold side of grill (not over the coals) and place cover (have vent holes opened on the grill) and cook for about 2 hours (grill does not need to be screaming hot).  Wrap meat in heavy duty foil and place in a preheated 225 degree oven.  Cook the meat overnight (about 8 hours).  Allow meat to rest in foil for about 1 hour.  Slice the brisket and pull the pork and serve immediate with your favorite barbecue sauce.


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