Sunday Taco Fiesta: the aftermath

I’m notoriously bad about posting pics for a blog sequel, and this post is really no different. The tacos were a big success yesterday for our dinner with the new neighbor.  I was most happy with the carne asada.  As I posted yesterday, I used flank steak, and the marinade really helped make the meat tender and it really permeated the meat.  All the food was well received.  Everyone liked the salsas, and I think for the most part making salsas the day before are preferred, because the flavors have a chance to develop.

As for the preparation of the food.  I fired up the old weber with natural charcoal.  I wanted a real hot grill especially because I was working with wet marinated meat, which is harder to sear.  I started with the flank steak (because I knew the fish would stick some), and placed the steaks on the hottest part of the grill for about 2-3 minutes per side. I removed the steaks from the grill, and allowed them to rest covered in tin foil.  I then scraped down the grill and placed my corvina on there.  I basically just let it develop a crust on the first side, and just covered the grill to allow the fish to cook through.  I know my grates weren’t going to release the fish very easily (know thy grill), so I didn’t want an even bigger mess on my hands by trying to flip the fish.  Cook the fish 7-8 minutes, until just opaque.  Transfer fish to a tray (or serving bowl) and flake the fish with a fork. Be sure to scrap up the real crispy bits of fish from the grill (assuming your grill is clean that is!) and add that to the flaked fish.  It’ll give the fish a great texture, adding some crispness to the very moist flaked fish.

fire it up

fire it up

photo 2

the aftermath

We kept the garnishes really simply.  I had a bowls of finely chopped onion, and finely chopped cilantro ready, along with chopped tomato (just because I had a tomato), cotija cheese, lime wedges, and our salsas.  I also grilled the tortillas with my dying embers (natural charcoal while super hot, burns quick).  I also made some beans as a side. I just cooked the beans (soak the beans overnight) in a some unsalted chicken stock, water half an onion, pepper (no salt), garlic, and several lardons of salt pork.  I cooked them for about two hours until tender, and then seasoned the beans with cumin and Mexican oregano.  Should’ve taken a picture….



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