The Old War Horse

Classical musicians have a term for works they perform over and over again reliably.  Those works are called “war horses.” The piece you can play when someone tells you that you have only a week to prepare for the performances.  I am not much of a violinist, but one of my war horses from a cooking standpoint, is the leg of lamb.  I love making it, and it’s super easy.

You can season it however you’d like, but I usually just use a variation of this recipe’s marinade/rub:

I’ve even made that recipe on this blog before.  However for this past Easter I made a massive 8lb leg of lamb, which I marinaded in the rosemary anchovy rub (minus the balsamic pretty much) and grilled on my Weber (I’m a big big griller).

When I make a large cut of meat on the grill I use Weber fuel holders. The fuel holders ingeniously keep the coals to either side of the grill, allowing for a cool spot in the middle of the grill for indirect cooking. They look like this:



It’s amazing how efficiently they cook the meat. In fact it’s almost too efficient.  My 8lb leg of lamb cooked in less than 2 hours, and wasn’t quite as rosy as I’d like.  I’d have reduced the cook time by about 20 minutes.  I prefer this method over the oven because I don’t have to dirty my kitchen (which my wife loves); it doesn’t heat the house up; and most importantly, the meat is imparted with a great smoky grilled flavor.

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