It was my one year wedding anniversary yesterday (not why the post is called “Duck!” FYI).  To commemorate this glorious event, I made, which I think was the first time, roast duck.  Now I have made a couple of geese before (as I’ve posted about in the past), but this was my first time roasting a whole duck.  I will say the flavor of the finished product was spot on, but I didn’t get the perfect crispy skin you strive for.  I blame myself for two main reasons.  The first reason is that I didn’t prep the duck well enough in advance, and second I think the aromatics I stuffed the duck with (lemon and apple) created too much steam.

If you read my prior posts regarding the roast goose I made the past couple of Christmas holidays, you will see that the techniques for goose translate to duck.  As I had cited my lack of prep, here I didn’t get the opportunity to put the duck in the fridge (to dry) after pouring boiling water on it to tighten the skin.  Making sure the skin is really dry is the  (ask the Chinese when they make their peking duck) most crucial step for crispy skin.  I thought I could get around this by cooking the duck on the grill using indirect cooking, but it didn’t quite work.

iphone 087

Be sure to have a pan for catching the drippings

iphone 088

Not crispy, but delicious

iphone 090


I don’t want to sound wholly negative. The flavor of the duck was excellent, and the company even better.  Still a tremendous anniversary.




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