CB 3

I mentioned recently that I frequent a place called the Japanese Market.  It’s just amazing sushi in North Bay Village.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends how you look at it) Japanese Market was named “Best Sushi in Miami” 2012 by the Miami New Times.  While wonderful for the Japanese Market, and I of course wish them all the success in the world, it makes getting a seat (there are only like 12) very difficult these days.  What to do?  I really only like 3 or 4 sushi places in the whole city, so after being unable to get a table at the Japanese Market two visits in a row, I decided to learn to make my own.  Did pretty well too.

For the Sushi Rice I used japanese short grain rice, which I rinsed thoroughly (until the water runs clear) and dried for about 30 minutes.  Cook it in just enough water to cover the rice.  Simmer covered for 10 minutes, and then remove from heat and keep covered for about 10 minutes.  Spread the rice on to a baking sheet and mix in a pre-made mixture containing rice vinegar, sugar and salt (make sure it’s all dissolved), and mix into rice.  Allow the rice to cool.  It should be just above room temperature, or even as warm as body temperature, because cold sushi is just a crime against nature.

I made salmon and eel nigiri.  I got pre-made frozen bbq eel from the japanese market and some frozen salmon from there also.  Easy for a weeknight, but when I have time I use the freshest fish I can find.


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