CB 2 (Salmon Collar)

I live right up the street from The Japanese Market, which as the name suggests is a Japanese market, which sells Japanse/Asian sundries and a limited selection of meat, seafood, and produce.  It’s the best sushi in Miami (well maybe the 2nd best after Naoe, but as far as sushi I can afford to eat more than once a year, the best by far!)  The Japanese Market sells “kama” or fish collars.  Probably the best meat on the fish is the collar and it’s amazing to eat.  It’s also cheap as hell, so it’s great for weeknight eating.  Usually at the Japanese market I can buy 2 or 3 frozen salmon collars for about $3.  The Yellowtail collars (hamachi kama) are a little more expensive, but great.

I marinade the collars briefly in mirin, soy sauce, sake, pepper, garlic, brown sugar, and sesame oil.  I broil and place the collars in the top rack for about ten minutes (watch closely).


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