Christmas Dinner with Friends

Prior to Christmas, Beatriz and I hosted some friends over for a pre-Christmas dinner Christmas dinner (redundant I know).  I wanted to do something a little different so  I got a beautiful 10 bone pork roast from my favorite butcher and I used this great recipe from food and wine’s website.  I usually brine pork, but this dish didn’t need it.

I served the dish with some yukon gold mashed potatoes (courtesy of our produce share, made with lots of butter and whole milk) and collards (braised in chicken stock, garlic, hog jowl bacon, and finished with a little vinegar).  We had some really beautiful wines with dinner (our gift to our guests), including a really great Pinot Noir from California called Belle Glos 2009 Taylor Vine (though it could have been the Las Alturas version, I just found out today when I was looking for another bottle there are at least 3 different vineyards that Belle Glos uses. Whatever one I had it was a tremendous wine).

I placed aromatic vegetables in the pan I roasted the pork in.  I made a pan gravy using white wine, and chicken stock, and the roasted aromatic vegetables.

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