First of all I’d like to give props to my pumpkin Beatriz for taking photos for the last blog.  I taught her how to use my SLR camera on our last couple of vacations and she did a great job with the blog photos.

As  you know the dressing is ready to go.  The next Thanksgiving task involves something new for me.  Pumpkin pie.  I’m pretty sure I’ve made it with canned pumpkin before, but never with fresh pumpkin.  As an aside, my good friend Emeline, who until very recently lived in Paris, asked me to bring her several cans from America when I visited her in 2009 because it was near impossible to find in France!  She probably loves pumpkin pie more than anyone I know!

I’m familiar with pumpkin pie and love it (though in the past I’ve made more sweet potato pies) but never made it with fresh real pumpkin.  As I mentioned a few blogs ago, Beatriz and I joined an organic produce co-op and this week’s share included a sugar pie pumpkin.  It was rather small, so when I was at Whole Foods earlier this week I bought another so I could make a homemade pumpkin pie (I’m going to use a store bought crust, but almost homemade).

I haven’t picked what my pumpkin pie recipe yet (feel free to suggest one), but of course all pumpkin pie recipes needs pumpkin, so I prepared the pureed pumpkin using Martha Stewart’s Recipe.  It’s delicious and it’s not even seasoned yet.  Really looking forward to the pie…

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