Whew! Long time no see!

Man has it been a very busy last six weeks!  First, let’s start with the big news.  After Beatriz and I came back from France, I had the good sense to ask her to marry me.  Unfortunately she lacked the good sense to say no! So the last six weeks, in addition to being swamped at work I’ve had help plan a wedding which is set for April 7, 2012.  Luckily the big items are all reserved for the wedding.  That being said,  I’ve been cooking a bunch, just not blogging about it!  Here are some highlights of some meals I cooked, mostly last month:

Indoor Grilling:
I finally bought myself a grill pan! While  I am a natural-born griller, the apartment we live in does not allow me to grill, so I had to get the next best thing: A grill pan.  I got a cast iron  Lodge Grill Pan, which is very popular.  Initially I was really skeptical about it, but you know what?  It does a great job.  My first use of the pan produced some grilled chicken breasts for it for some healthy lunches.  Here is how they turned out.

Lamb Stew:
One outing at the local Publix produced a really nice leg of lamb for a really good price, so I decided to make some stew.

I just cut the lamb leg into chunks and cooked it with red wine, rosemary, beef stock, parsley, carrots, pearl onions, and peas.  It was delicious.  Kind of a throw together meal.

Breakfast of Champions:
Also tried my luck at shirred eggs.  Fairly successful.  My favorite restaurant in Miami does this amazing baked double yoked egg with gruyere.  That was the inspiration for this 9/7/11 breakfast dish.

Then of course I got engaged…

Back to today though… This has been a pretty good food weekend.  Today I took my first crack at Ratatouille.  It was very good.  I served it with a Pork Tenderloin that I broiled and coated with a lingonberry preserve and mustard glaze.  I also served roasted cippolini onions.  I also prepped our meal tomorrow.  I prepared what is going to be a really tasty manicotti.  I should take a picture tomorrow…   It’s just been so crazy around here!  I will definitely post more in the coming weeks though!



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