Meal Anxiety

So I’m making dinner this Saturday for Beatriz’s mom, who is a native Colombian.  I get a little nervous cooking for Beatriz’s mom.  Last year it was Easter when I first cooked for Beatriz’s mom, so I made a pretty large spread for both of our families.  I made baked ham and assortment of fresh roasted vegetables. It was mostly all very successful.  I’m thinking of taking a similar simple approach this year.  Beatriz and I are huge lamb fans and I found this Anchovy and Rosemary Roasted Lamb recipe off Epicurious, which is wonderful (made it once to resounding reviews).  Beatriz’s mom enjoys lamb also so we’ll try that recipe again.

I figured that the rest of the menu will be straight forward.  I was thinking roasted potatoes (it would be nice to find fingerlings, maybe a Fresh Market stop is in store this evening), and just a steamed or plainly prepared vegetable (Asparagus?)

Toughest decision by far is the dessert.  Last year I tried to impress Beatriz’s mom with this great Colombian Arroz con Leche Recipe off a great site  Last year when I made it however, while it was great in flavor, the rice was a bit too al dente.  I’m not exactly sure where I messed up, but I feel a little anxious going the traditional Colombian route (plus it might be a bit poserish because I don’t know the first thing about Colombia, and until I met Beatriz I spelled it “Columbia” and thought it was in Central America). 

I do a nice tres leches cake… Might be better to do something a bit more in my wheel house (I’m not a baker/dessert guy remember). Hmmm, gonna have to figure this one out.  Any ideas?



One thought on “Meal Anxiety

  1. Now that you are with a Colombian you cannot be a poser. You are the real deal. I’m looking forward to dinner. It is going to be amazing — I know it. I am going to make a Total Wine stop on the way.

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